Sunday, September 7, 2008


I found another group that is someone you all should check out. Some of you may already know their music but they are new to me so I know it is the same for others as well. Shinedown has a third album out The Sound of Madness. I had never heard of them before but I am so glad to have discovered them now. I am not saying they are my favorite group but I do like some of their music and my son loves them. Their first album is Leave a Whisper from 2003 it has gone platinum and their second album Us and Them from 2005 went gold.

Friday September 5th Shinedown was on the Jay Leno Show performing the song Second Chance from their new album The Sound of Madness. They did amazingly well and I am sure made some new fans. The video from Jay Leno is below.

You can visit Shinedowns site to get more information on shinedown concerts that may be in your area. Well there be sure and look at the shinedown photos that are there.
I have found so many great musicians and bands just from exploring the internet. It is such a great idea for musicians to use the net to help promote them, such as MySpace, FaceBook and YouTube videos. Below are a couple videos I think you may enjoy.

Shinedown Jay Leno Appearance
September 5th 2008
Song: Second Chance

45 by Shinedown

Cover Song Simple Man Shinedown